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Enjoy a relaxing Door County Vacation!

Welcome to Jacksonport, Door County, Wisconsin! The Square Rigger Lodge in Door County offers you everything you need to relax and enjoy a wonderful vacation, weekend getaway or honeymoon in beautiful Door County, Wisconsin.

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Located right off the sandy beach of Lake Michigan, our cottages, housekeeping units and motel rooms give you sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the real world.

Our amenities includes refrigerator, electric heat and air, shower and bath, T.V., free Wi-Fi, telephone and much more!

Whether you care to take an evening walk on the beach or wake up to the sunshine across the lake the Square Rigger Lodge is your perfect Door County destination.

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*** Every Tuesday from June to October, Farmers Market is open at the Lakeside Park.



The shores of Lake Michigan have greatly changed this past spring (2015).  The sand is here but it's hidden under the high water, which affects most places in Door County -- not just the beach in Jacksonport. Unlike years past, and even as recently as last Summer 2014, there is no longer the type of sand beach walking that once existed. But alas, Mother Nature has her ways and will return with time.




Sand beach on the shore of Lake Michigan  View of Cottages, Galley and Lodge from the beach

 View from 2nd floor of the Lodge  Sand beach view

  Sand beach view   View from 2nd floor of the Lodge balcony